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Spring Results

 Just a quick bit about some spring time results. Not a lot of racing going on just yet - but some!

Biggest result is Dianna coming back from injury to finish the Stories Ultra 6 hour race. After a broken foot knocked her out of last years events, this was the first race back for her in many months. The weather proved to be great for a run - no snow on the ground like in 2020 and with cold, but seasonal temperatures for February. Dianna's training heading into Stories had been limited due to the time, but she was still able to cover 12 miles. A huge accomplishment for someone who hadn't been running a month before the event! If you haven't tried a timed race, I strongly recommend looking at them. Very family and crew friendly and perfect for a first ultra. You can run as little or as long as time allows. 

Dianna reaching the finish of her 6 hour event at Stories Ultra. 

Coach Tracy finished up her Moab Triple Crown series with the Arches Ultra 50k and the Behind the Rocks 50 Mile races. Arches was the first race back for a lot of runners and while the fields were small due to restrictions, they were quite competitive. She took 9th and first masters in the Arches Ultra, chasing after some very fast Olympic Trials runners doing their first ultra race. At Behind the Rocks, she took second behind Annie Hughes - who would go on to win the Leadville Trail 100 later this year year. And for the Triple Crown of Moab Ultra Series, her cumulative time was fast enough to win the women's race and place second overall.