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Coaching Services

Thelen Coaching provides remote or in person coaching for athletes of all levels and ages, starting at $150 per month for single sport athletes and $200 for multisport athletes. Every athlete receives an in-depth initial consultation to determine goals and to review prior training history. All training programs are tailored to the individual athletes current fitness, goals and training time available.

Some highlights of what Thelen Coaching provides:
  • Workouts delivered monthly on Training Peaks and built around the your schedule and life.
  • Training plan adjustments as needed once the workouts have been developed. Life isn't static - your training plan shouldn't be either.
  • Reviews and notes on the completed workouts in Training Peaks daily to weekly.
  • Data analysis after monthly training blocks so you know you are on the right track towards your goals.
  • No limits on coach-athlete communication. Communication is the bedrock of the coach-athlete relationship and so I want my athletes feeling comfortable reaching out at any time.
  • Pre-race notes and strategy sessions to ensure the best preparation you can have going into your goal event.
  • Post-race review and analysis so you can learn from the event and make improvements for the next time.
  • Why the Multisport premium? There is an art to balancing the demands of triathlons and working with three sports to develop an athletes weaknesses while building on their strengths.
Not ready for coaching or on a budget? Consider a custom training plan! Custom plans are $50 per 4 weeks of the plan, making them an affordable option to stay on track and remove the guess work from training.
  • Custom training plans can be any duration, built around your schedule, fitness and targeted goal event.
  • One phone call per month if needed to address any issues.
  • Ability to have the training plan reworked once during the duration if needed for an additional $50.
  • No data analysis or workouts reviews, but a clear path to success in your event.
  • Custom Plans can be delivered as a PDF or via Training Peaks - whichever works best you as an athlete.

Just need a training plan you can plug into your calendar?  Pre-Built Plans are also available on Training Peaks or as a PDF. You can purchase directly through Training Peaks or email me for the PDF version.