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Why Coaching?

I was asked the other day if coaching was only for "racers" - only for the people with events on the calendar and specific performance goals. It seems to be a common perception. If you are out there to get fitter, improve skills and for personal satisfaction, there's no place for a coach. After some thought, I realized that's not true - a shift from my earlier opinion. There is room for coaching for every athlete, from racers to lifestyle athletes. It's like a personal trainer at the gym. Most people don't think twice about paying hourly for someone to guide them through a strength routine at the gym. They are willing to pay for the accountability and the knowledge the personal trainer provides to help them get stronger, fitter and healthier. There's no race, no date circled on the calendar. It's something people do for themselves. Why is coaching any different? It's not - it's also about personal goals, accountability, and getting fitter and