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Coaching Questions

First, read through the FAQs and see if you have any additional questions. Then contact me to assess your goals and your needs and have any questions answered. After that initial interview, if you are ready for coaching, I will send you a contract and a more detailed questionnaire..

What is the cost?
There are three basic plans, with costs ranging from $100 per month for the most basic to $250 per month. Actual cost will vary from athlete to athlete and will vary based on goals, amount of data analysis needed and number of sports you participate in. Someone with several big races or a series will be more involved then someone training for a single event.

How frequently are training programs updated?
Training programs are updated based on the training plan level you select, but will always be based on your progress and goals. The training programs are designed to help you reach your goals. With that said, life happens and the unexpected things pop up. Regardless of training plan level, training can be modified when things come up. 

How do I get my workouts?
Workouts will be online at TrainingPeaks - with the ability for both athlete and coach to enter comments regarding the workouts. All athletes get a free basic account, with the personal option of upgrading to the Premium (athlete will pay monthly fee for premium account.)

Do I have to live in Colorado?
Not for training programs and plans. The training programs and plans are online thru the TrainingPeaks platform and I can coach you regardless of location. Communication will be through phone, email or text if not local to Colorado. Some services such as camps and clinics are currently based in Colorado Springs or available throughout Colorado for an additional fee

Are there any limits on communication?
No -  there is no limit on communication, regardless of plan level. Communication can be through phone, email or text and I will usually reply to questions within 24 hours. The goal is to understand the training, so questions are always welcome. 

Heart Rate monitor?
Having heart rate data is a minimum for making quantifiable changes to any training plan. I understand that not everyone likes technology, but I do ask that you train with a heart rate monitor. I will be better able to analyze your training and set up focused workouts with heart rate data. It will also help you train in the correct zone and effort level to achieve the goals of the various workouts. Having one that stores and can download the information into TrainingPeaks, such as a Garmin will allow me to provide even better feedback.

Watching the watts?
There are distinct benefits for training with power if you are a triathlete or cyclist - on road or off. I do recommend investing in a power meter, however I recognize that they are not cheap, especially if you have more than one bike. Therefore, having a power meter is not a requirement and we can base training off of heart rate.

My sport is running - what's the plan?
Once I have your athlete history and goals, we will sit down to plan your season with A-races, B-races and such. With that information, your training will be broken down into smaller blocks designed to address threshold work, max pace work and endurance. The pace and heart rate zones for each training component will be ascertained from benchmark tests and adjusted as you improve.

I prefer two wheels.
As with the runners, we will start with athlete history and goals before looking at the season's races and plan. Based on your goals, races and series, training will be designed to address threshold power or heart rate, max power and tempo power. For mountain bikers, there will be significant work on skills as well as intervals to address the singletrack component of mountain bike racing.

How about a threesome - Triathlete.
Triathletes are a little more complicated with the balance of swim-bike-run. After reviewing athlete history and goals, we will do benchmark tests for all three sports. We will also discuss strengths and weaknesses within the disciplines. With that information, I will look at the season and break it down into training phases appropriate for your fitness and goals. There will also be workouts to address the fundamentals and drills in each discipline. For Xterra athletes, expect skill workouts for both mountain biking and trail running as well as intervals.

I'm a dabbler - a little of everything.
If you like mixing it up depending on the season - say running a half marathon once mud season hits in the mountains, things get a little more complicated. With someone like that, we look at the primary sport's goals first, then work the secondary sport to balance the primary as the seasons change. Goals will be adjusted to reflect time allotted to secondary sport.

Just tell me what to do...
Not ready for coaching, but still want some guidance for a big race? If that's the case, contact me to discuss a custom training plan for your event. Based off your history and goals, I can write you a training plan customized to your life and schedule. There will be no data analysis provided with this option and very limited plan adjustment or communication.