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24 Hour Race Plans

Thelen Coaching Basic 24 Hour Race Plan template with tips and strategies for success. Just the basic template for you and your team to fill out and create your plan for the most successful 24 hour race possible.
$30 payable via PayPal.

Thelen Coaching Custom 24 Hour Race Plans. available for teams or solo racers. You give me the information and I do the work. Based off the information and goals you provide me during the initial consultation, I will build you a custom race plan for your specific event. The custom plans include the initial consultation, building the custom race plan and a second consultation once you have received the draft of the race plan
Starting at $50, depending on how detailed you want your custom plan to be. Cost will be determined during the initial consultation and is payable via PayPal.

24 Hour Race Plans are avalible for all 24 hour races around the country - either mountain biking or running. I can also write racing plans for 12 hour races as well. Email me at to get started with your race plan.