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24 Hour Race Plans

So, you've done all the intervals and training - the long rides and the night rides. The time is approaching,   the goal 24 hour race. Once the race starts, how can you ensure that you will have the best and most successful race possible under the conditions given? The answer is simple - a 24 Hour Race Plan. Not a training plan - but a race plan. A template for the race, reducing the stress, worry and possibility of things going wrong at 2:00 AM. A plan based on your goals, designed to help you and your team achieve the most number of laps possible. And this goes for more then just the mountain biking races - even runners at the 24 hour races can benefit from having a solid plan   Thelen Coaching provides something no other coach does - the years of experience in the pits at 24 hour races across the country. From a 24 Hour Solo National Championship to numerous duo podiums, I've proven that having a solid race plan with consistent performance can beat faster riders without