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Early Spring Athlete Results

Spring may just have started a few weeks ago, but Thelen Coaching athletes have been out and about, turning in some solid performances at races all over the country.

Brenda traveled to Moab for the Mad Moose Events Behind the Rocks 10 mile race. This was a new experience for her, having never raced in Moab before. Trail running in Moab is a different kind of running - trail running, but more like concrete due to the hardness of the rock. She handled it well and had a great race, breaking 3:00 hours for the technical 11 mile race. Yes - there were some bonus miles at the race...
Brenda at the finish line of Behind the Rocks

Jen returned to the trails for the Mountain to Sea Challenge, a 12 mile point to point race in Raleigh, NC. While the results wasn't as fast as she wanted, there were still some great lessons learned. And that's what racing is all about, learning things we can apply to upcoming events. She still managed to break 3 hours under some challenging conditions and beat her goal time for the race.

Dianna went east for the Cherry Blossom 10 mile race, a bucket list event for her. Given that its a lottery entrance, just getting in is a feat. With family in DC, there was also a vacation for her. Yes, taking 43 photos during a race is perfectly normal when it's cherry blossom season! Even with stopping to take all those photos, she still had a great race breaking 2:00s for the 10 mile event. That's a great performance for her after a hard start to the season and I'm really proud of her pulling through and finishing strong.
Dianna's photo of the Washington Monument at sunrise

New athlete Andy is getting ready for Dirty Kanza and as such is hitting the gravel circuit to prepare. He returned to an event from last year, the Rough Road 100k, with the goal to beat last year's time and work on some fueling and pacing strategies. And not only did he beat last year's time, he smashed it - riding the 60 miles over an hour faster! Next up for him is the Barry Roubaix 100 mile race.