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Rescue Run and Game Day 5k Results

Thelen Coaching athletes started the year off right at the Rescue Run, with athletes in both the 5k and 10k races. It's one of the harder races in town, with the first mile all up hill in both races, rolling hills from miles 1-5 in the 10k and then a downhill final mile. The 5k is uphill to the turn around, then downhill back to the finish, making pacing challenging. In the 10k, Dianna finished in 1:14:12, a huge PR for her. Not a bad way to start the year out! Dawn ran 1:10:36, setting a bench mark time for her 10k. That should be easy to beat given how hard the Rescue Run course is... And Jen decided to take on the challenge during her visit from NC, running 1:17:10 and as she said "not finishing dead last!" Not bad for someone from sea level. Brenda was the only athlete in the 5k, finishing in 44:39 - a little slower the previous years, but she's just now getting back into consistent running.

At the Game Day 5k a month later, it was another solid day of racing. This is one of the flatter courses in town and usually delivers some fast times. But it's also a very weather dependent race, being contested on the Santa Fe Trail downtown - very exposed to wind. This was one of the years where the weather had as much an effect on the race as anything, with a stiff southern wind blowing at the start and an upslope moving in before most of the Super Half races finished. Even so, Dianna ran almost identical time to last year, finishing in 33:41. Brenda also had a great race with a time of 41:14- one of her faster 5k times despite battling the wind for the last mile and a half. Dawn had initially wanted to do the Super Half Marathon, but with the timing for the Winter Series, the 5k proved to be a smarter option. And she made the race count, almost breaking 30 minutes - finishing in 30:07.