Coaching Services

Thelen Coaching currently offers three different plans for athletes of all levels and ages. All plans include the initial consultation to determine goals and to review prior training history. There is no limit on coach-athlete communication in any plan and all plans include a Training Peaks account for workout tracking and review. All training programs are tailored to the individual athletes current fitness, goals and training time available.
  • The Blue plan is the most comprehensive, with daily to weekly data analysis and feedback. There's no premium for multisport athletes with this plan. Workouts will be reviewed and discussed with the athlete as the training program is developed and adjusted as needed. The starting price for this plan is $250
  • The White plan offers a good mid point for athletes who don't need a lot of analysis, but need accountability and some feedback for workout performance and goals. Data analysis will be provided regularly based on training block length and the training program will be adjusted biweekly. The starting price for this plan is $150.
  • The Red plan is the most basic plan, offering data analysis and feedback at the end of each training block. This is the perfect plan for some who needs to take the guess work out of training or needs help with balancing life and sport. The starting point for this plan is $100.
  • If all you need is a workout plan, but aren't interested in data analysis and feedback, Custom-built training plans and pre-built training plans are available. The custom training plans designed for your event, and built around your schedule are $50 per month of the plan. They can be built in either Training Peaks or as a PDF. Pre-Built Plans are also available on Training Peaks or as a PDF.

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